Meet intelligent features!

Recurring billing made easy
Subscription expertise

10+ years of expertise in worldwide subscription products powered by constant multivariable testing, big data and enterprise analytical tools. More than 10 billion of transactional and customer data

Flexible billing periods

Using Maxpay you can simply create trial, weekly, monthly and annual or even custom intervals

Trials, discounts, promo offers

Smart discounts and promo offers based on location, customer segmentation and even day time. Use trials to let users preview your service, or use coupons to test the impact of different discounts

Subscribers management

Create billing plans and subscribe a single customer to multiple plans simultaneously

Metered billing

Make transparent and see key performance indicators instead of complicated calculations to support usage-based plans that vary in price each month

Suitable for every business model

Subscription billing schemes optimized by country, card type, authorisation amount, seasonality and approval rates trends

Intelligent billing
Simplify your daily billing tasks through smart automation
Smart billing
Focus on your business by automating your billing. Control billing cycle, manage parent-child accounts, manage geo and customer segments
Flexible transaction routing
Use easily configurable rules to route payments to the appropriate bank with the best approval rates and risk management
Advanced payment cascading
Protect your revenue by enabling intelligent cascading rules to use advantages of banks redundancy
Customizable email receipts
Create the look and feel of your email receipts using Maxpay solution just with few clicks
Bill your customers in an old traditional way. Customize and send invoices to different customers based on their location, language, segment, subscription type
Advanced analytics tools
Test and prove our intelligent billing with Maxpay advanced analytical tools
Pay by link
Don’t let your customers to forget about you. Pay by link will send an email reminder which will allow to finish the purchase in one click
Ultimate payment form
Let your users pay intuitively
Quick integration
Merchants can accept credit card payments with only a few lines of code
Simple, clean, device friendly
Use Maxpay beautiful customizable payment flow that works perfectly on desktop and mobile devices
Multivariable testing
Run a/b, scenario, location tests and much more using Maxpay multivariable testing engine
iFrame or hosted payment page
Use embedded payment form or redirect customers to the Maxpay payment page to finalize the payment
Form customizer
Simply edit colors, add fields or skin the payment form to seamlessly match your website design
Conversion tools
Powerful set of tools to grow your business
Cross Sales
One click payments
Promos, Discounts, Coupons
Multivariable Testing
Pay by link
  • 100
  • 90
  • 80
  • 70
  • 60
  • 50
  • 40
  • 30
  • 20
  • 10
  • 0
Trust list
Global base of fraudulent and reliable identifiers to stop fraud on early stage and enhance experience for legitimate customers
Rule-based scoring
Flexible and easily customizable ‘if-then’ rules that allow to model any behavior patterns
Machine learning scoring
Best-in-class algorithms to detect even more complex fraudulent behaviors with enabled decision-making engine to lower the operational overheads up to 95%
User reputation system
Intelligent system that classifies customers as valuable, untrust or the ones which require manual review
Fully customizable
For any industry, merchant business model and even traffic source