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Ethoca Alert services – get notified before the transaction dispute occurs

Maxpay has partnered with Ethoca for an Alert Service — an effective solution for avoiding chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. Available to Maxpay’s clients through Covery anti-fraud platform, Ethoca Alerts is a great tool to protect the merchants’ money and reputation.

Stop disputes before they become chargebacks with fraud alerts

Using Ethoca Alerts, merchants can:

Get warned that the chargeback is going to occur the same day the cardholder notifies the issuer bank, not weeks after it happens;

React to chargeback threat in real-time, preventing cardholder from initiating the transaction dispute;

Prevent your chargeback threshold from being flooded, no more costly fees caused by disputes;

Improve customer experience by timely offering a refund, making a cardholder reconsider the dispute;

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Avoid chargebacks – here’s how Ethoca Alerts works:

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