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The ability to reduce the number of chargebacks is crucial for high-risk merchants, and Maxpay offers our clients the Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) solution to prevent fraud, unrecognized purchases and unnecessary disputes. Start using a full coverage alert service for merchants from Maxpay for only €14/alert

friendly fraud disputes chargebacks unrecognized purchases

Prevent disputes before they even occur. With VMPI merchants can:

Get access to a global data-sharing network with a transparent dispute discussion between customer and issuer;

Prevent chargebacks with real-time dispute notifications, to present essential data to prove the dispute is not necessary;

Prevent friendly fraud thanks to a risk assessment platform, that detects it before the chargeback occurs;

Improve customer experience by learning buyers' behavior and reasoning for disputes;

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Stop chargebacks – here’s how the Maxpay solution works:

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With Maxpay, you can get the service and pay 14 euros per alert, which is twice cheaper than with other companies. Not to mention that we also offer Covery anti-fraud solutions to minimize chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.

VMPI chargeback prevention service

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