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Maxpay’s Intelligent 3DS Service accelerates your experience:

Our in-house 3DS Service is a one-stop global solution for all merchants' issues during the 3D Secure verification process. We provide a more stable and delay-free process during 3DS transactions compared to other banks. The merchants grow their revenue while the customers stay satisfied.

Maxpay’s Advanced 3DS Service accelerates your experience

The results speak for themselves!

The Intelligent 3DS Service is our answer to other solutions on the market that are not as efficient, customizable, and precocious. And it truly makes a difference, as the statistics among our clients shows! The approval rate increased by up to 15% for European clients and up to 10% for merchants outside Europe. The 3DS Service allows 3DS verification of cross-border transactions from multiple corners of the world without disruptions!

The results speak for themselves!

The Intelligent 3DS Service is:

  • PCI DSS, PCI 3DS compliant;
  • EMVCo 3DS ver. 2.2 certified;
  • Supports Visa Secure, Mastercard ID Check

Our 3DS Service was built on 4 core principles:


The 3D Service is available and provides high-quality services regardless of whether our clients are in Europe, the US, or other countries.


Merchants can track the metrics on their 3DS transactions at all times. We provide extensive reports and analytics.


Thanks to the Intelligent Service, we don't have to rely on other banks and services that are not on par with our clients' requests.


The team knows all 3DS Service's ins and outs and rapidly responds to all challenges and feedback.

Not a Maxpay client?
No problem!

Our Intelligent 3DS Service is more than just an internal service. Merchants that use other financial providers can easily request to enable the Intelligent Service for their 3DS transactions. No need to switch providers - just elevate your experience and grow revenue with our help!

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