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Open multiple merchant accounts to accept payments on your website

Maxpay’s services as a merchant account provider range from opening multiple MIDs online, in-house compliance to diverse chargeback and fraud protection services for every business need in your high-risk industry. No traffic loss or revenue drops, only you and your company growing your processing abilities.

Apply for a merchant account online with no hidden fees

With a new merchant account, our clients can customize payment forms, checkout pages, and payment processing to fit reports, do chargeback tracking, and churn control. Need to find a way to increase conversions? Use real-time reports to track everything about your funds.

Manage merchant accounts with Maxpay solutions for credit card processing

Operate as many merchant accounts as you’d like, and accept payments for your goods and services. You might want to get multiple accounts, if your business revenue comes from different sources. Do business however you want, whenever you want, with your money secured and chargeback protected.

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To avoid facing higher fraud and chargeback rates for high-risk merchant accounts, we offer:

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