Your Privacy Rights as a Client

The current Privacy Policy depicts your privacy rights in terms of gathering, use, storing, sharing, and protecting your personal data. You agree to this Privacy Policy by registering, accessing, or using MaxPay’s products, services, solutions, features, and technologies. The company can make amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time by the means of publishing a new revised edition on its website. In case a revised version includes any substantial changes we make, will be in effect immediately and be noted by updated date to the end of this Privacy Policy.

Personal data retrieval

When you visit MaxPay or use its services, we gather information provided by your computer, mobile phone, or other viewport. This info includes data about pages you visit, your IP-address, device information, type of operating system, your location, web and mobile network data, and some other minor details. Note that we also gather information about your activities with the site or service and keep track of your issued transactions.

Furthermore, in case you access your MaxPay account or use any of the MaxPay’s services, the following type of data might be gathered:

  • Contact information including your name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc;
  • Financial information including your full bank account number and/or credit card number linked to your MaxPay account;
  • Exhaustive personal information including your date of birth or national ID number, etc.

Pay attention to the fact we may also acquire information related to you provided by third parties like credit agencies and services for person verification. MaxPay website and services collects your personal data and activities with the system in order to safeguard you from scam, fraud, and misuse of any private data you might share. If your working station or mobile device has any malware, the system can notice that and take applicable measures.

Additional information about you might be gathered in some other way, as through your contacting our Customer Support hotline, taking part in surveys, etc.

Use of Cookies

When you visit MaxPay’s Site or those of companies it works with, or use any of its services, a small Cookie file might be placed on your computer or mobile device. We will analyze data from the Cookies and use it to improve quality of our services, track your activities with MaxPay, etc.

Protection and storage of your personal data

Under this Policy the term Personal Information is used to depict information that can be linked to a specific person and thus be used to identify that very person. Information that has been made anonymous is not considered to be Personal Information.

Your personal information is protected by the means of physical, technical, and administrative resources to lower the risks of loss, misusage, unauthorized entry, disclosure, or alteration by a third party. To keep your data safe we apply firewall and data encryption protection and physical authorization control system, just to name a few.

8 ways of using personal information we collect about you

The main goal of gathering your personal information is deliver effective, scalable, smooth, and personalized MaxPay experience. Hence, personal data we collect might be used to:

  • Ensure maximum MaxPay user experience;
  • Process transactions and issue relevant notifications in the most comprehensive manner;
  • Settle disputes, levy charges, and resolve occurring problems;
  • Prevent clients from becoming a subject to illegal activities and potential fraud;
  • Improve quality of services, solutions, and incentives MaxPay offers on a daily basis;
  • Provide target-oriented services based on your experience with the company;
  • Being able to contact you in case of emergency via one of the means available;
  • Make sure information you provide is accurate, in case discrepancies occur.

Sharing personal information with other MaxPay users

To ensure the payment process runs smoothly, some of your personal information may be shared with a company or entity you cooperate with. Your registration date, number of payments you have issued/received via MaxPay, info whether you have an authorized control over a bank account – all that information might be showed to MaxPay users you work with at the moment. Plus, this information can be displayed to third parties in case you let them access your MaxPay account.

Accessing or changing your personal information

Note you can review, update, and edit your personal information at any time. Simply log in to your account and change profile settings at once. You can also close your account using the MaxPay site. However, it will preserve personal information given in your account in order to track any unpaid fees, unresolved disputes, prevent from scam, or be used for any other activity according to the letter of the law.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
Privacy Policy last modified on January 23, 2015